Research Experience

Research Assistant to Professor Nathan Miller (Summer 2019, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Fall 2021, Spring 2022)

  • Projects Included:

    • The Curious Case of the Canned Tuna Cartel: An Economic Analysis

    • A Price Leadership Model for Merger Analysis

Teaching Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Georgetown University

  • Health, Aging, and Insurance Markets (Fall 2018, Professor Ami Ko)

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics (Spring 2019, Professor Alexandra Solovyeva)

  • Introduction to Econometrics (Fall 2019, Professor Alexandre Poirier)

  • Game Theory (Spring 2021, Professor Axel Anderson)

  • Microeconomics, M.A. Level (Fall 2022, Professor Sebastien Gay)

Tutor, Georgetown University

  • Empirical Industrial Organization (Fall 2019)

Guest Lecturer, Georgetown University

  • Strategic Management (Fall 2021, Professor Rahul Gupta)

Professional Experience

Senior Structures Engineer, Pratt & Whitney (June 2011 - July 2017)

  • Designed gas turbine engine components

  • Lead teams of engineers to predict the structural capability of engine components

  • Created analytical models of engine components and calibrated them to test data

  • Wrote technical reports to document models and structural predictions

  • Presented findings to internal customers and management


Python, R, MATLAB, SQL, LaTeX, Microsoft Office